Why Use Backlinks?

Here is a short list of simple facts as to why you should use backlinks:
  • Backlinks are a significant part of Google's ranking algorithm.
  • Your competitors use backlinks to their advantage to achieve high rankings.
  • If you don't use backlinks then you will find it almost impossible to rank above an equal who does use them.
  • Backlinks can give you an advantage if you are smart.
  • Having a good backlink strategy can set you apart from your competitors.
  • Organic search traffic is the most cost effective means to generate leads or sales
  • You can use backlinks to focus Google on very specific pages of your website.
  • You can use backlinks to rank for very specific keywords or keyword phrase with your website.
  • Using backlinks helps you tailor the organic traffic that comes to your website so that you can target traffic that converts to business.
  • It is very hard to see how Google could ever move away from including backlinks as part of their ranking algorithm.
  • Backlinks are big business - but they are used by both companies that turnover billions and those that turn over a few thousand.
  • Backlinks aren't the only factor you have to get right but they are in the top 3 factors of 100 factors considered by Google.
  • There is no escaping the fact that having Backlinks  helps you get ranked on Google.
  • Without backlinks you probably aren't getting the visitor traffic your site deserves.