The Methods for Getting Backlinks.

These are the main methods for getting backlinks.  
A breif introduction, a rating for this method and a link to a detailed explanation of the methods.
The scores are made up from 3 main aspects,
  • how long it takes to get the links
  • how much it costs (time and money) to get the links
  • do the links work
If the links don't work at all it's a 0 every time.  If the links can work but carry high risks then the higher the risk of failure or even disaster the more the method is marked down.

Link Swapping = 0/10


Link Farms = 1/10


Buying Links = 3/10


Link Baiting = 5/10


Link Rings = 2/10


PR Article Publication and Distribution  = 3/10


Comment Links =  3/10

Commenting on blogs and social sites etc.


Creating your own content network  = 4/10


Outsourcing Link Acquistion to a 3rd Party  =  2/10


Renting Links = 9/10


Begging for Links 1/10

Call it what you like, knocking (metaphorically) on doors asking for links without offering anything in retun.