SEO Too?

This site is all about backlinks but it is important to convey that backlinks can only really help if you have a good SEO strategy and you have addressed the other important SEO factors as well.  The reason we have written as site about backlinks is that it is an area that many people get wrong and many people are defeated in their overall strategy by competitors who have learned the secrets of backlinks.

Most people can with determitation and hard work get the factors of SEO correct.  Getting a backlinks strategy correct and making it work is quite possibly the hardest part of SEO. 

Below are afew of the most important factors of SEO that work alongside backlinks to generate organic search engine traffic to your site.

  • Content - along with backlinks the most important of SEO factors.
    • Your site needs good quality well written content.
    • Content needs to be fresh and updated regularly.
    • Content needs to keyword rich but NOT keyword stuffed.
    • Content needs to be interesting and grab users both is SERPs and when they arrive on site.
    • Content needs to be relevant to your business / industry.
  • Site structure and navigation
    • Your site needs to be well structured and easy to navigate.
    • Your site structure needs to be compliant with Google search spiders.
    • Your site structure needs to flow Google 'juice' to the right pages.
    • Your site structure should be made up of search engine friendly URLs
  • On site SEO
    • Your pages need to be clear and readable by search engine spiders.
    • Your pages need good relevant keyword rich titles
    • Internal linking should focus Google, telling it what is important and what is not.
    • Your site should be well organised and free from errors
  • Off site SEO -  which is about creating buzz and backlinks
    • Get good quality, keyword and content relevant backlinks to your site. You will need  lot of them!
    • Buzz is all about social media and blogs at this point in time.
    • Get mentions in twitter, linked in, Facebook and blog comments.
    • Get mentions in relevant online magazines and press sites.
This is not a comprehensive list, it is merely included to highlight that there is a lot do before a backlink strategy can get your site in a position to beat the competition.