About Us.

This site is written and owned by Deltr.

Deltr are an independent group of seasoned online business developers who have companies, clients and other interests in the broad sphere of "online business".  

Deltr combine their skills and experience on a regular basis to create new and interesting solutions to common online problems.  We also like to write about subjects where we feel that users are often mis-lead or confused by so called industry experts. We do all this outside our normal businesses or work schedules so that anything we do within Deltr can remain independent from financial influences.

Our skills include:

  • Web Development
  • Online application development, interface design, systems design, solving problems through online technologies.
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO, SEM, PPC advertising, article syndication, content creation, sales consulting, marketing analysis, online business process monitoring.
  • Technical Development
  • Database development, application development, server administration, online security, programming.
  • Business Development
  • Online business consulting, online business analysis, online business funding,  online business strategy, online business process monitoring.

This site is our opinion and should be in know way construed as professional advice.  You cat upon the advice of this site by your own free will and we accept no responsibility for any consequences that arise from you doing so.

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